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1 2 3 Hamden Rovers Lift Off

Sunday, August 1st, 2021.

Good afternoon Hamden Rovers club members.

Mark the date on your calendar.

The 24th of July is Hamden Rovers day in the town of Hamden Connecticut. Thanks to Mayor Curt Balzano Leng.

Mayor Curt Leng presented Hamden Rovers with a formal public statement letter sealed with the stamp of approval (Proclamation Statement) last week at our Hamden Rovers Spring Soccer clinic celebration. Also with the overwhelming feedback from the parents and kids alike, here are several emails responses that Hamden Rovers received:

* I'd like to thank you so kindly for such a great opportunity and time for my grandson. It was very enriching for Devin and helped him become more open to other venues and ventures. It's truly been a blessing. We thank you kindly and look forward to next year. God has blessed us and pray He continues to bless the Hamden Rovers.

* Hello guys,it's very small to say thank you but you were did a lot for our kids.yours great soccer camp kid's we're enjoy lot.othe rhand you're gave them love,fun,❤ and more i can't explain kids are missing you're.they're waiting for next camp.we all 🙏 to god of hard work more success healthy and enjoy life you're.we missed you guys🌹🌹.

* Hello I am Mohammed and Fardin. We like the soccer camp. We enjoyed the soccer camp. We missed you guys because you did hard work for us. We had a lot of fun. We play football make rockets and learn about money. You taught us how to play soccer. We are waiting for next year.Our blessing is with you're. Thank you so much.


Hamden Rovers Labor Day event, Monday, September 6th, 2021.

Hamden Rovers leadership team is reaching out to all club members who are willing to give us some support on labor day.

We have started to put a supporting cast together, but will need a lot more of you to be involved. Bring a friend if you know someone who is willing to give us a hand.

We will need help in the Kitchen, setting up in the morning, refereeing a soccer game or two, directing people to the appropriate lines, and breaking down at the end of the day.

Soccer Teams Updates:

Hamden Rovers FC was not schedule to play a soccer game today August 1st, 2021.

But on Sunday, August 8th, 2021 Hamden Rovers FC is schedule to play a make-up soccer game against Stratford FC at the St Ann's home field / Pine Rock at 10am.

Lets come out and support our player. Go Rovers go !

Also Jamaica United FC season came to an end last week after loosing in the playoffs.

Hamden Rovers incorporation is an 501C3 nonprofit organization in which our mission supports a social cause and provides public benefits to our community.

We have been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). A 990 IRS form will be sent to everyone at the end of the year to those who have contributed.

Just an fyi to all, our monthly membership dues are due on the 15th of each month.

This is what we are all about folks!

Why we serve!

Hamden Rovers leadership team strongly believes charity work is essential because it provides a mechanism to assist our community, our families and friends with the ability to make opportunities become reality. We do this work with no hesitation and no expectation of personal gain. When we give we gain the joy of creating and improving relationships.

Don't miss out on our webpage. There is more information about Hamden Rovers Including weekly commentaries. It’s also an opportunity to meet the team

On behalf of Hamden Rovers we do appreciate everyone's time, effort and support. Should you have any questions or concerns, Please be proactive and contact anyone from our Leadership Team including Robert Tullonge, Leroy Francis, Gregory Hamilton, Tony Caldar, Kirk Gordon, Donovan lofter, Michael Minto, Beverly Felix and yours truly Donovan Cameron.

Do remember our Motto: Trust, Harmony, Unity and Strength (THUS).Thank you all.



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