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Hamden Rovers Projects

The list below highlights a few of the projects the team has helped or actively helping to bring about a positive outcome in an effort to help the community we serve

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Sunbeam Boys Home Mentoring

Provide mentoring opportunities to connect and help the young men realize hope still exist in the darkest of places

Academic and Sport
programming for community kids

Children Summer Camp

The Children Summer Camp is a soccer development program with an academic component to it. It is an instructional soccer clinic for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14. We have tailored the clinic to host children from low income families. The program goal is to help young children and their families who have an interest in playing the sport but do not have the means to enroll in soccer camps where they can learn the basic and fundamental of the sport and have an opportunity to do so. The program's academic component involves finance and science education. For the finance segment, it is an introduction to credit card use, credit, savings, the stock market, the concept of shares, budget, etcetera. For science, it is an introduction to rocketry, chemistry, biology and robotics. In both programs, the children get the chance to have a practicum experience. 

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Support for kids in Majestic Gardens

Supporting kids in Majestic Gardens 

Support for inner city kids in Majestic Gardens, Jamaica.  The local team works to support an organization in Jamaica that conducts community outreach programs to help school age children. One of their missions is to combat literacy, the high number of school dropouts, low school attendance and to instill in children the desire in wanting to pursue higher education. The team in Majestic Gardens is seeking our support to help provide school supplies. We have chosen to carry out a Tablet Drive. The tablet is a useful and flexible device which would make it more accessible for these young students to access all kinds of reading materials. Additionally we are also exploring support solutions for 2 kids in this program that have been given an opportunity to study in the USA but lack resources.

Fundraising events

The organization holds Labor Day and Columbus Day events annually. They are two fundraising events the organization uses to connect to the community and to help raise funds for charitable projects. The  ways the organization uses these events to raise funds are by holding sport tournaments, barbeque meal sales, raffles and asking for donations. These events are very popular in the community and help to bring families, friends and people we do not know together for a greater cause.

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