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Attention Members

March x

Good Evening Hamden Rovers club members, Hope all is well with your friends and families. This weeks’ meeting notes are as follows:

Clubhouse is still on our priority list of every meeting. Our focus is finding a home for social gathering, and a place to call our own.

This past Wednesday we had a zoom meeting with Desmond Whitely, the President of the Sunbeam Orphanage in Jamaica. He mentioned that the youth were very excited with the Barber chairs they recently received, and minor details are needed to complete the project. It’s the only barbershop in that type of setting, one of a kind, and you all should know, it’s also the talk of the town.

Addition to our team, Tony Caldar our Customer Coordinator / Relation officer, has been very positive. He brings a mission, vision, new ideas, and values to our team. We are looking forward to working with him.

As alluded to in my previous text messages. Hamden Rovers is a nonprofit organization that has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

Our mission supports a social cause and provides public benefits to our community.

So remember our contributions are refundable at the end of the year.

And as always, we do appreciate everyone's time, effort and support. So if there’s any questions or concerns, Please be proactive and reach out to anyone from our Leadership Team.

Going forward (THUS) Trust, Harmony, Unity and Strength is our Motto. Thank you all.



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