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Heads Up Rovers!

April 3

Good afternoon Hamden Rovers club members. This weeks’ meeting notes were as follows:

Continued discussions on the events of this year, building a fish bone diagram to help in brainstorming our ideas into useful categories. And as mentioned in my last text messages, these are some of our goals and ideas that are on our radar:

Clubhouse Options, Web Page Presents, Soccer Administration, Meet and Greet with Club Members including Soccer Teammates, Recruiting Officers, Board Members Positions, Soccer Summer Clinic, Grants Research, Fund Raising Options, Taxes Exemptions and an 6 X 6 tournament.


The pain of losing someone can be overwhelming. Grieving a family member, feeling down and out can be depressing. So we want to give some support and strength to our brother Elvis Brown.

Tomorrow morning between 10am and 12pm, our brother will be at the Pine Rock field watching us playing soccer as he normally does. Swing by with a drink, lets rally with brother "Brown".

Do remember, Hamden Rovers incorporation is a nonprofit organization that has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

Our mission supports a social cause and provides public benefits to our community.

All contributions are refundable at the end of the year. Means of donation are :

a.) Email address :

b.) Cash app : $HamdenRoversInc

c.) PayPal :

And as always, we do appreciate everyone's time, effort and support. So if there’s any questions or concerns, Please be proactive and reach out to anyone from our Leadership Team.

(THUS) Trust, Harmony, Unity and Strength. Thank you all.



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